Black Fire Notes Collective

Black Fire Notes is a collective of writers dedicated to providing an oft-forgotten but quintessential voice to the communist milieu: one that recognizes the power and agency of the workers’ movements. As the last several decades of the capitalist world order have transitioned the west from a service to information-based economy, new modes of struggle are going to have to emerge. If we wish to challenge the logic of Empire, these new forms will have to be experimental, dynamic, fluid, and able to cooperate and network with forms of resistance all across the world.

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We are a collective of autonomists, workerists, open marxists, and post-anarchists continuing the struggle of the multitudes against work!


Revolutionary movement is literal. It is about moving this body with other bodies in the direction of Communism.
“There shines forth fleetingly the ever threatened truth that each and every man, on the foundation of his own suffering and joys, builds for all.”
If communism is anything, it is the movement which liberates our creativity and agency.
There are two ways of rejecting the revolution. The first is to refuse to see it where it exists; the second is to see it where it manifestly will not occur.
miraculating machine
Power is defined by the possibilities it denies.